birds for sale

species now breeding
Dusky Conures
Plum Head Parakeets
Gouldian Finches
Rainbow Lories (Green Nape)
Lineolated Parakeets
Red Belly Poicephalus
(many mutations)
Red Rump Parakeets
Scarlet Chested Grasskeets
Parrotlets, Green Rump
Parrotlets, Pacific
Turquoise Green Cheeked Conures
(many mutations)

We do NOT breed
American Parakeets, Cockatiels,
English Budgies or Lovebirds

companion pacific
Parrotlet and Kids

Dwarf parrots.
Sweet, socialized, handfed parrotlet babies.
Quiet, playful friendly. 
Up to 5" big.  Capable of talking.

Tiny avian friends perfect for
apartments, dorm rooms and townhouses.

"They do everything the big guys do without the noice, expense and cage size requirements".


parrotlet baby

Dilute Blue Pastel Female
Green Parrotlet

Blue parrotlet baby blue baby parrotlet Blue baby parrotlet

Yellow Parrotlet
  Pacific Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet

They're Back!

Handfed, socialized Parrotlet babies boys and girls available for adoption July, 2014.
Colors Available:
Visual turquoise, dilute turquoise, turquoise pied,
blue, pastels.



green rump parrotlets

Green Rump Parrotlet   Green Rump Parrotlet   Green Rump Parrotlet

They're Back!

Handfed, socialized Parrotlet babies
boys and girls available for adoption July, 2014


lineolated parakeets Linealated

Sold Out

  Possible future mutations
cobalt, dark factor green, olive, cremino
, lutino, turquoise and mauve

plumhead parakeets

Plumhead Parakeet

Female hatched 2013 with DNA certificates
Regular $250 - Summer Special $200

red rump
australian grasskeets

Redrump female
Redrump male

Young pairs available -
Some Singles

Many mutations including
Cinnamon x Opaline hen with, Cinnamon, Opaline x
Lutino male. Bonded. Hatched 2013.

splendid/scarlet chested

Sold Out

(February, 2013)

lady gouldian finch

Lady Gouldian Finch
Lady Gouldian Finch
Lady Gouldina Finch

Young female green back x
Blue Gouldian Finch (10 month old) Black headed/purple breasted

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: (770) 512-7244

Shipping exclusively via Continental/United Airlines, PetSate Program. Estimated Continental one-way shipping charges of approximately $95 plus Sky Kennel (with perch and cups included) and handling charge of $50.

Checks, cash or payments through PayPal accepted.
Sales tax of 6% on ALL orders



There is a current trend in the avian world, whereby "reputable" bird breeders are shipping your avian friend in a cardboard box via the United States Post Office.

This is not only inhumane, it is illegal!


All American Yellow Parrotlet

Dilute Blue Parrotlet

All American Parrotlet

Pied Blue Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet