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avian species list

  Lineolated Parakeets
Parrotlets, Spectacled
 (many mutations)
Pionus, Blue Headed

Parrotlets, Green Rump
Red Belly Poicephalus
Parrotlets, Pacific
Turquoise Green Cheeked Conures

companion pacific

Parrotlet and Kids

Dwarf parrots.
Sweet, socialized, handfed parrotlet babies.
Quiet, playful friendly. 
Up to 5" big.  Capable of talking.

Tiny avian friends perfect for
apartments, dorm rooms and townhouses.

"They do everything the big guys do without
the noise, expense and cage size requirements"

parrotlet baby


Possible Colors Available:
Visual turquoise, dilute blue, dilute turquoise,
yellow, albino, pied, crimino and lacewing.


green rump parrotlets

    Green Rump Parrotlet    

Green Rump Parrotlet   Green Rump Parrotlet   Green Rump Parrotlet

lineolated parakeets

  Spectacled Parrotlet Babies  

All American Yellow Parrotlet

Dilute Blue Parrotlet

All American Parrotlet

Pied Blue Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet